Heena Musky Attar


Heena Musky Attar is prepared through a steam distillation process of different herbs, spices, and flowers. It is a very uncommon attar with a spicy, woodsy, warm, earthy & exotic aroma. It is perfect for perfumery and aromatherapy-based applications.

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Heena Musky Attar’s warm, spicy, woody, earthy, and exotic fragrance makes it very popular throughout the world for various uses. It is obtained with the hydro distillation extraction method from the fresh flowers of Heena. The brain is recharged by this aromatized oil, which also promotes emotional balance and relaxation. Further, it is quite useful in skin care and aromatherapy applications.


  • Net Qty:6ml, 12ml
  • Botanical Names:NA
  • Extraction Method:Steam distillation
  • Part of Plants Used:Flowers
  • Country of Origin:India
  • Composition:NA
  • Consistency:Medium viscosity
  • Cultivation Method:NA


  • The tobacco industry finds the warm, spicy perfume of Heena Musky Attar to be very helpful in giving tobacco-related products a distinctive flavor and scent.
  • Due to its captivating fragrance, this attar is in high demand in the perfumery industry as a key ingredient in the manufacturing of expensive scents, perfumes, room fresheners, deodorants, and numerous other scented goods.
  • It is extensively used in aroma therapy session to offer excellent relief from stress, mental tiredness, irritation, anxiety, and nervous conditions.
  • The aroma of this attar helps to drive away a depressive state of mind and is helpful for mood enhancement.

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