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Natural Indian Attar Perfume

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Kannauj Attar

Best Attar Perfume Manufacturer in India

Attar Perfume is situated in Kannuaj, Uttar Pradesh (India). For thousands of years, Kannuaj has been the center of perfume manufacturing in India, and the city is famously known as the Perfume Capital of India. At Ittar Perfume, we are committed to providing the best and purest quality of products to our customers.

We are slowly building our position in the global market. We have established ourselves as one of the leading and best attar perfume manufacturers in India of attars, essential oils, perfumery compounds, and absolute oils.

Till today, our exceptional production of fragrances is carried out in the most traditional extraction form which is known as “Degs and Bhapka System”. The steam distillation process is a conventional way of extracting natural fragrance or oil from the plant. It is responsible for driving the purest characteristic of the odor of the plant that is chemical-free and alcohol-free.

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ittar perfume

Attar Perfume

Attars are natural and chemical-free perfumes made from natural materials like Oudh, flowers, and musks whose smell is more pleasant to our senses. Due to their natural ingredients, these perfumes are skin-friendly, healthy, and hygienic. Attars also have healing effects because natural ittars are chemical- free, pure, and made from botanical sources. In India, the practice of extracting the best Attar perfumes or perfume oils from herbs, flowers, and spices dates back more than 5000 years.

Essential Oils

Essential oil is nature’s best-kept secret and is obtained through the steam distillation process of different plant materials such as flowers, herbs, roots, leaves, etc. These oils retain the natural smell and flavor of their source. Essential oils have been in use for thousands of years. These oils are useful in various fields such as health, spiritual, religious, cosmetic, and other applications. Attar Perfume has a huge collection of essential oils that can be used either in the form of a single essential oil or as a combination of essential oils depending on the experience of a user and the desired benefits.

attar perfume, essential oil
attar perfume

Absolute Oils

Absolute oils are highly concentrated aromatic oils primarily obtained from plant parts. Although they resemble essential oils, their extraction method (called enfleurage) is difficult and time-consuming. The aroma of an Absolute Oil, which is widely used in the perfumery, is more similar to the aroma of the original plant product than the aroma of Essential Oils made through distillation. Because the Absolute Oils are so concentrated, a little bit goes a long way. Compared to essential oils, absolute oils are harder to find in the market. When it comes to providing absolute oils, Attar Perfume is a pioneer in India.

Floral Water

Floral water is the water that is left over after essential oils are extracted using steam distillation. Though its main ingredient is water, it also contains fine traces of essential oils and minute amounts of the substances, such as flowers, plants, or any other source from which the essential oil was derived. As floral water is naturally formed during the extraction of essential oils, it can be quite beneficial for your skin and face. Attar Perfume offers a wide range of premium quality floral water.

Each of these products is so unique and delightful

That they can be used to evoke a sensation in you and give you a sense of fulfillment. Come and enjoy our collection of attar oils, which will fill you with the pure essence of nature.

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Our Story

Kannauj is popularly known as India’s perfume capital and is well-known for its classic Kannauj Perfume. People from all over the world love to buy attar and essential oil from Kannauj, India. Attar Perfume is one of the oldest Attar perfume manufacturers in Kannauj. We are known for our high-quality attar perfume, essential oils, etc., and more.
We sell our products to over 50 countries including Saudi Arabia (Dubai, Riyadh, Daman), Australia, Germany, France, and many more. We are on a mission to provide the best quality natural fragrances to customers across the globe. Every fragrance we sell is 100% authentic, pure, and premium. Explore a wide range of aromatic and hand-made perfumes like Mitti Attar and more at Attar Perfumes.