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Attar Vs Perfume- Benefits & Drawbacks

Are you confused about whether to purchase an attar Vs. perfume? The primary differences and benefits of each that can help in your decision-making are below.

In today’s era, perfumes are available in a wide range of forms, including body mist, EDT or perfume oil, attars, or Ittar. There is confusion between an attar and a perfume when we’re seeking something that is long-lasting sticks on our skin and stays on us all day and night. Attars used to come in a small variety of perfumes, with jasmine, oudh jasmine, and oudh mogra being just a few examples. However, producers are developing a wide range of attars in response to the rising demand for the product. The dilemma is what to buy – “Attar vs. Perfume”. 

So comparing these two to help you out making your decision – “The Right one”.

What is an Attar?

Attars frequently contain essential oils or absolutes made from organic materials. Usually, steam or hydrodistillation is used to extract these essential oils. Attars are technically natural extracts of plants and animals.

Sandalwood, for example, is used to age and distill essential oils. The aging phase could last from one to ten years depending on the natural resources used and the desired outcome.

Attars are concentrated scents free of alcohol and artificial chemicals. Small, conventionally decorated, or jeweled decanters are used to hold the extremely small quantities of natural smells that are marketed.

What is Perfume?

Attar Vs Perfume
Art of Aromatics – Attar vs Perfume

Having a high concentration of essential oils, water, and alcohol, perfume is a luxury smell product. The clothes are sprayed with scents. Contrary to deodorants, fragrances are far more intense and last much longer than attar. When they were initially utilised in scent spaces, perfumes were probably made from resins and balms.

How is attar unique from perfume?

Attar vs perfume are two different things; attar is made of concentrated oils, whereas perfume is made of a certain proportion of perfume oils combined with alcohol, along with fixative and other essential chemicals. In today’s fashionable atmosphere, perfume is king.

“Attar Vs Perfume “Which is the most effective?

Attar has a long historical value. It has existed for countless years. In contrast to perfume, which is diluted with alcohol and has a relatively weak aroma, pure attar oil has a strong aroma.

Particularly when exposed to the weather, perfume quickly disappears. Attar oils require a long time to evaporate due to their thickness. The primary variation in the application technique is that scents can be sprayed.

Attar vs. Perfume – The major differences

While fragrances come in spray form, true attars are composed of oil. Attars are created using botanical components that turn into oils and are highly concentrated. Perfumes are fine since they frequently contain alcohol, which enhances the aroma for a longer time. 

The Making Of Them

Oils and attars which are synthetic molecules themselves, are both used in the production of perfume. When we talk about attars, they are often created using the conventional hydro-distillation process, with sandalwood oil constituting the majority of the basic material. Plant parts, such as leaves, roots, petals, and more, are the primary raw material used in the creation of attars.

Natural Or Synthetic

Despite the fact that attars are inspired by nature, some of our favorite perfumes are chemically based. While perfumes contain chemicals that can be harmful, attars contain flowers. Everything is dependent on the individual and the type of skin. It is best to try natural products because some people are sensitive to them.


When compared to perfumes, attars are environmentally friendly and biodegradable. It is not advisable to combine perfume with the water we drink or the air we breathe because chemical compounds might be dangerous. You have a solution if the perfume you are wearing is artificial.


Since making these attars requires a 

labor-intensive process, the price tag will be high if you want to buy genuine sandalwood-based attar. Sandalwood attars are also hard to come by, and since the market is not real, you need to be proficient at identifying an original attar.

Everything depends on the brand when discussing high-end fragrances. Many of us might be attracted to less expensive or more inexpensive designer perfumes because of our limited budgets, but certain designer perfumes can be extremely pricey.

Few similarities  between perfume And attar : 

  • Essential oils, resins, and aromatic compounds are only a few examples of the natural and manmade materials that go into attar and perfume.
  • Both attar and perfume are used for their aromatic qualities, to make people smell nice, and to create a relaxing environment.
  • Applying attar and perfume to the body helps with personal hygiene.
  • Both attar and perfume are effective at hiding bodily odor and imparting a pleasing aroma.
  • Both attar and perfume come in a multitude of scents and can be tailored to a person’s specific preferences.

What are the advantages of attar?

Attar Vs Perfume
Modern Attar vs Perfume

Most people immediately collect thoughts of fragrance when they hear the word “attar.” Contrarily, Attar provides a lot more benefits than you might think. These benefits consist of:


By concentrating the botanical essence of many flowers on an oil basis, the perfume avoids the drying effects of drugstore perfume, making it suitable for dry skin.

Distilled or concentrated oils

Only a few drops are needed for each application because our attar doesn’t contain any cutting or diluting agents.


Some assume that attar can soothe the human mind and alleviate conditions like headaches by energizing the respiratory system.

Increased confidence

The small act of wearing an attar could increase your pleasure and your confidence. Choose a scent that appeals to your sense of smell and your emotional core. All you need to feel secure is to put on your preferred, most relaxing smell to boost your confidence. 


Finally, based on our preference and experience, we prefer attar to all other perfumes and body odors. Attar has a more pleasant scent than any perfume and eliminates unpleasant bodily odors. 

FAQs : 

1. Which is better, perfume or attar?

Attar has a lengthy and rich historical past. It has been around for ages. Pure attar oil has a high concentration of scent, whereas perfume is diluted with alcohol and has very little aroma.

The main difference between the two methods of application is that you can spray fragrances because they are diluted, but you cannot use just one or a few drops of attar oil because it is dense.

2. What makes attar different from perfume?

While perfume is just a combination of a number of perfume oils with alcohol, combined with fixative and other necessary ingredients, the attar is all about concentrated oils. Perfume is king in today’s fashion industry.

3. How are perfumes and attars applied?

Perfumes are sprayed onto the skin for equal distribution, attars are often applied by dabbing a small quantity on pulse points.

4. Which attar or perfume, lasts the longest?

As attar is more concentrated, it typically stays longer than fragrances. 

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