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Difference Between Attar and Perfume

There are many different types of fragrances on the market today, including body mists, EDTs, perfumes, oils, attars, and itras. Among all of these, attar and perfume are two popular choices.

Both of them have their own significance and that is why sometimes it may get confusing to select one. It is essential to know the difference between attar and perfume. So today in this article we have listed some key differences that you should know before buying an attar or perfume.

Before we look at the difference between them let us get a basic idea about each. 

What is attar?

attar perfumes

Technically speaking, attars are “concentrated perfume oils,” which means they don’t include alcohol. These oils come from spices, herbs, and flowers. True attars are completely pure and natural; they don’t include any harmful ingredients. The attar market is enormous in the Middle East and South Asia, but it is rapidly growing in popularity in the West, particularly in the United States, Canada, Australia, and European nations.

What is Perfume?

A combination of fixatives, solvents, and aromatic essential oils or aroma compounds make up the perfume. Additionally, it contains a combination of molecules that evaporate at ambient temperature and alcohol. Additionally, perfumes occasionally include hazardous compounds.

Key You Should Know the Difference Between Attar and Perfumes

1. Attars are perfume oils whereas perfumes are just spray

Attars are prepared by distilling flowers, spices, and woods and are similar to specialty oils. When you apply a small amount to your skin, their potent scents linger for a very long period. You apply a small bit of them gently on your wrist or neck to use them.

Contrarily, perfumes are manufactured by combining various ingredients to produce pleasant scents. In contrast to attars, fragrances are applied topically. They may contain both man-made and natural elements. Also, they don’t last long like attars.

2. Preparation process

Attars are made in a special way that involves taking natural things like flowers, spices, or wood and turning them into fragrant oils through a careful process called distillation. This process captures the essence of these natural materials and creates concentrated oils that hold their scent for a very long time.

Perfumes are created by blending different scented ingredients, which can be both natural and made in a laboratory. These ingredients are mixed together to make various kinds of smells. The final result is put into spray bottles, making it easy to apply. 

3. Projection

Attars are renowned for surrounding the wearer with a delicate and personal smell atmosphere. They don’t make a big deal out of themselves; instead, they provide a soft, close-to-the-skin aroma.

In order to be more visible, perfumes are created. They leave a distinct trail wherever you walk after being sprayed, dispersing in the air and forming a fragrant cloud around you. When you want to make a lasting impression, perfumes are a terrific option because the aromas in them frequently project more strongly and are simple for people to identify.

4. Aging and Maturation

As attars are stored in tightly sealed bottles, they continue to develop and mature. Over time, the scent of attars becomes richer and more complex, adding layers of depth to their aroma. This aging process gives attars a vintage charm that’s appreciated by connoisseurs of traditional fragrances.

Perfumes are carefully formulated to maintain their intended scent profile over time. While some perfumes might change slightly with aging, the variations are generally minimal compared to attars. 

5. Allergies

Because they are made from natural materials, attars frequently affect sensitive skin and noses more gently. Because they have fewer components, they are less likely to cause allergies or irritations. Attars may be a more pleasant option for those who are sensitive to fragrances because they preserve the original flavor of the plants from which they are made.

A vast variety of substances, both natural and artificial, can be found in perfumes. While these components produce a wide range of interesting scents, they also carry a higher potential for causing allergies or other sensitivities, especially in people with more sensitive skin or noses.

6. Application

Attars are applied with a personal touch. A delicate and personal fragrance can be released with only a tiny drop on pulse points like the wrists or neck and linger close to the skin. Because of this, attars are ideal for environments that are quieter and more intimate and where you want your fragrance to be a subdued reflection of yourself.

A contemporary and practical method of application is provided by perfumes. You can spread the aroma across a bigger area with a quick spray. Whether you’re going to work, a social gathering, or a special occasion, this is especially helpful in instances where you want to make a strong impression.

Which one is better Attar or Perfumes? Why?

Deciding between attar and perfume comes down to personal preference and the context in which they’ll be worn. Attars offer a unique connection to nature and tradition, with their subtle elegance and potential for aging into nuanced scents. They are especially favored by those seeking a more intimate, skin-close fragrance. 

On the other hand, perfumes provide a wide array of scents, both natural and synthetic, and their versatility in projection and application makes them suitable for various situations and preferences. The choice ultimately depends on whether you appreciate the timeless charm of attars or the modern allure and diversity of perfumes.


Attars have old traditions and nature in their scents. Perfumes have lots of different scents, some familiar and some new. Picking one is like choosing how you want to smell: quietly nice with attars or strong and different with perfumes. It’s your own special way to share how you want to smell with others.


How are attars and perfumes applied?

Attars are usually applied by dabbing a small amount on pulse points, while perfumes are sprayed onto the skin for even distribution.

Which one lasts longer, attar or perfume?

Attars tend to have better longevity due to their concentrated nature, while the lasting power of perfumes can vary based on their concentration.

Can I wear an attar and perfume together?

Yes, you can, but it’s best to be cautious as the combination of two strong scents might become overwhelming. Consider using lighter versions or complementary scents.

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