Camphor Essential Oil

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Camphor Essential Oil Benefits, Uses And Side Effect

The Camphor essential oil is obtained from the wood, root, and branches of Camphor tree found in India and China. The oil is extensively used in aromatherapy and skin care products. Camphor Essential Oil gets absorbed readily in your skin pores and eliminates harmful toxins like grime, dust, oil, etc.


  • Botanical Name : Cinnamomum Camphora
  • Country of Origin : India
  • Solubility : It is soluble in alcohol and fixed oils
  • Specific Gravity : 0.855 – 0.895 @ 20°C
  • Optical Rotation : -4 to -30
  • Refractive Index : 1.461 – 1.471 @ 20°C
  • Part of Plant Used : Flowers
  • Blends well with : NA
  • Flash Point : >200° C
  • Extraction Method : Steam distillation

Uses Of Camphor Essential Oil

  • Camphor essential oil helps in removing the bad smell and gives a clean and pleasant aroma.
  • It works wonders as massage oil since it soothes sore joints and strained muscles.
  • Camphor essential oil’s earthy and clean aroma helps you unwind and promotes relaxing sleep.
  • All types of skin irritation, redness, swelling, and itching can be treated with the mindful use of camphor essential oil.
  • Pure camphor essential oil’s invigorating fragrance is successful in boosting libido.

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