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About Us

About Attar Perfume

Attar Perfume is one of the oldest attar manufacturers in kannauj, globally we are known for best quality of Indian attar. Attar Manufacturer We sell to over 50 countries like Saudi Arabia (Dubai, Riyadh, Daman) Australia, Germany, France, and many more.

We are in a mission to provide the best quality of Natural Fragrances across the globe. Every fragrance we sell is 100% authentic and premium,

Explore beautiful fragrances hand-made from Kannauj like Mitti Attar and much more.

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Attar Perfume – Buy Attar & Natural Perfume Oil Online India

Attar is Kannauj’s first natural attar online seller. And known for India’s oldest natural attar manufacturer and essential oil manufacturer. Even today, we have preserved our heritage of making attar using the traditional water-distillation method, commonly known as DEG THAPA PPCES.

At a time when the market is flooded with synthetic perfumes and low quality attars, some distillers in Kannauj still stand by the authenticity of true attars and are striving to make these beautiful attars globally accessible. Recognized as the top perfumer exporter business, Attar Perfumes has earned the reputation of being the most trusted and respected supplier of Natural Attar, Perfume Oil and Wild Harvested Essential Oils.

Here in Kannauj is the place of trust of millions of people across the world who truly believe in natural fragrances, commonly known as attars, buying Kannauj ka attar from us, will give you quality assurance and genuine market price. will guarantee. The world because of the DEG THappa process.

The practice of extracting natural perfume oil or attar from flowers, herbs and spices in India dates back more than 500 years. A lot has changed today (almost everything), but you can still see traditional attars being made in Kannauj, the perfume capital of India.

Additionally, since natural attars are pure and chemical free and are derived from botanical sources, attars also have healing properties. So, start exploring our range of natural attar perfumes that additionally give you a therapeutic touch.

Why buy from ‘Attar Perfumes’?

We are India’s oldest and leading company in the Traditional Indian Attar Industry for over 50 years. Everything we sell is pure and authentic, manufactured in the perfume city of Kannauj, India. Plus every fragrance we sell is passed quality tests and is a long-lasting fragrance. Attar is in a mission to make people aware globally about what we are doing and we can buy good quality fragrances directly from Kannauj. Kannauj’s attar is the most famous and authentic/premium attar. So explore our fragrance and the smell of Kannauj directly in your hands.